There is a beginner- and an advanced-category, which are divided into following weight-classes:

Men: -65kg, -70kg, -75kg, -80kg, -85kg, -90kg, +90kg Open Class
Women: -60kg, +60kg, Open Class

Fight time:

5 minutes
If there is no winner after the fight time by points or submission the referee decides who is the winner.

Points system:

2 points for a simple takedown
3 points for a takedown where the foots of the opponent loses the contact of the ground
3 points for passing the guard
4 points for mount-position (has to be held for 5 seconds)
4 points for back mount with heel hooks (has to be held for 5 seconds)
2 points for sweeps

Minus points:
-1 point for guard pull without prior contact to the opponent
-1 point for stalling

A fight can be won by:
Tap out of your opponent
Throwing in the towel by the opposite side

Forbidden techniques
- scratching, biting, eye gouging, fish hooking, pulling hairs, finger locks, any kind of kicks and blows
- there are no twisted leg locks (e.g. heel hooks),Neck crank (e.g. can opener, Twister) allowed in the beginner class, as well as "“slamming”"

Allowed techniques:

- Any kind of throws,
- Any kind of arm, wrist, leg, foot lock
- Neck crank (e.g. can opener, Twister)
- There are twisted leg locks (e.g. heel hooks),Neck cran (e.g. can opener,Twister) and “"slamming”" allowed in the advanced class

Abusing against the rules will cause a direct disqualification !