TAP or Snap XIII

when: 11 march 2018(Sunday)

Rules Metting: 09:30

begin: 10:00

behind the swimming-center, Oesterstraße 68, 44309 Dortmund


15 Minutes before the start of a weight category the athlete will check his weight.
There is only one opportunity to check the weight.
If the competitor does not make his weight he will be immediately disqualified.
Please make sure that you are in the correct weight division.
You can not change divisions, if you do not make your designated division.
No changes will be accepted in the tournament day, no refund.
But you will be able to fight in the Open Class.

Weight classes:
women -60Kg,+60Kg, Open
men -65Kg,-70Kg,-75Kg,-80Kg,-85Kg,-90Kg, + 90Kg Open

The fights are on three mats

Schedule :

1. -65Kg Beginner
2. - 65 Kg Advanced
3. + 90 Kg Beginner
4. + 90 Kg Advanced
5. women Beginner
6. women Advanced
7. - 70 Kg Beginner
8. - 70 Kg Advanced
9. - 90 Kg Beginner
10. - 90 Kg Advanced
11. - 75 Kg Beginner
12. - 75 Kg Advanced
13. - 85 Kg Beginner
14. - 85 Kg Advances
15. - 80 kg Beginner
16. - 80 KG Advanced
17. Open Class Beginner
18. Open Class Advanced

categories: beginners, advanced

Fee advanced:
30 Euro

Fee beginners:
25 Euro

Registration with the following dates: name, adress, date of birth, school (gym), trainer via email to taporsnap@gmx.de

The registration will only be confirmed when the Fee is paid.

Registration and payment is only in advanced via Bank transfer, until 7 march with name of the Athlete, weight category and advanced or beginner.

Account: Stefan Breiksch
IBAN: DE91 4405 0199 0802 2829 66

prices: the first three in each category will get medals

price money in the advanced class men and women : 100 Euro, when at least 6 persons in each category, otherwise the price money will be shortened

price money Open Class Advanced: 150 Euro

other stuff:
Drinks and snacks at the entrance for small money

There will be a medical staff

Spectators will pay 2,--Euro

The Organisator will not be liable for any damages. Changes to the advertising are possible.